Episode 205

Gordon Brown's surprisingly little noticed new book seems to have slipped under most people’s radar. However, it reveals that after leaving office and following the conclusion of the Chilcot Inquiry, he received a leaked document from inside the highest levels US government, proving that Washington knew from the start that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. It’s a disclosure that renders Mr. Blair's legal and political case for the war null and void. So what are the realities of this revelation?  It has had a profound effect on Bill Stewardson. Despite losing his son in the Iraq War in 2007, he continued to support the war, that is, until he read Gordon Brown’s book.

The BBC soap opera, EastEnders, has been running for 32 years and still draws a huge loyal audience. So when you’ve been a cast member with major story lines as well as being the first Asian shopkeeper in the series you are going to be remembered.  Our second guest this week has had roles in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' 'American Assassin' with Michael Keaton and a plethora of TV credits to his name, but for many, he'll always be Walford’s Ali Osman. So, we invited Nej Adamson into the Sputnik studio to tell us about his other projects and what it’s like playing a character still ranked in the top 100 greatest EastEnders characters of all time.

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