Episode 204

He was the first British songwriter to write hits for Elvis, and was one half of a songwriting team whose success was said to rival that of Lennon and McCartney. He has written for West End theater, TV drama, and is also an award-winning independent documentary filmmaker, who worked on serious TV shows like Man Alive (for those who were alive when British television did serious journalism). Now he writes novels. Ken Howard is clearly a man of parts, so we invited him to the Sputnik studio to hear all about them.

And, in the past, Britain was regarded as a safe country: buildings by and large didn’t fall down or burn to the ground. If they did, they wouldn’t kill you with cyanide fumes, and a truly formidable fire brigade would be there in a few minutes to put out the fire. However, none of these things is true today. London Hazard, otherwise known as Tony O’Brien, campaigns for public safety, safety at work and full responsibility for those who endanger it. He has now written a book charting the current state we are in, so we asked him to join us in the Sputnik studio to tell us more.

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