Episode 203

From the mean streets of Hackney, Stoke Newington and south London to the even meaner streets of New York’s South Bronx, Chris Eubank was sent to America by his father so he could get some peace and quiet! There, Eubank made a fresh start after battling many demons and cleaning up his act. And, in his spare time, he trained at the Jerome Boxing Club, where he caught the boxing bug and boy, could he box.

Eubank went on to become champion of the world, and now, so has his son. Never in the history of British boxing has such a feat been achieved before. But he didn't just wage war in the ring, he fought war outside it too. Most memorably when, in the run-up to the illegal and disastrous war on Iraq, he pulled up in Trafalgar Square in his magnificent big, blue anti-war truck and spoke out against Tony Blair. So, this week we invited the iconic Chris Eubank into the Sputnik studio to take an in-depth look at one of the world's greatest fighters, and the many complexities of this far from run-of-the-mill personality.

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