Episode 202

For almost 40 years, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the Jesuit-educated Marxist, was cock of the walk. Today, he’s under arrest; heralding the end of a reign that had gone on for far too long. Although he sought to make it longer, by installing an avaricious wife as his vice-president, with her multimillion-pound homes in Dubai and South Africa; and her son, who enjoyed showering champagne over a Rolex watch just because he could – because Daddy ruled the whole country.

Kate Hoey is an MP for Vauxhall and also co-Chairs the All-Party Parliamentary group for Zimbabwe. She has a longstanding interest in the country, so who better to tell us about what lies ahead.
Natasha Devon MBE is ranked among the 500 most-influential people in Britain, according to the Sunday Times. She’s a best-selling author and in-demand speaker on mental health, self-esteem, bullying and body image. She’s a regular around parliament, often seen giving evidence to the Education and Health Select Committees, and represents the interests of teenagers and teachers. So, we invited her into the Sputnik studio to tell us more about her work and research.

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