Episode 201

China has the biggest population in the world, the biggest economy and the biggest army.  The ruling communist party has just completed a successful congress and President Xi now has his thoughts enshrined in ideology alongside Chairman Mao and Deng Xiaoping.  So are we now likely to begin to hear rather more from the People’s Republic? It certainly looks like it, particularly when The Trumps are in Town. Jeanne-Marie Gescher is a barrister and an author, she has also lived and worked in China for 25 years, so who better to invite aboard Sputnik to help us find out.

When John Milton wrote ‘Paradise Lost’, he couldn’t have imagined the £10 million Her Majesty the Queen had invested in the jungles of Panama. When Bono told us he still hadn’t found what he was looking for, he didn’t tell us it was a shopping mall in Lithuania and when world champion racing driver Lewis Hamilton wrapped in a British flag wondered why nobody loved him here, we didn’t know his private jet had merely touched down in the Isle of Man for 30 minutes so he could patriotically rob the British exchequer of 3 million pounds in VAT.  And there's still more to come from the Paradise.  So we asked Professor Steve Keen from Kingston University to help us root around the undergrowth of the Papers and help us look for the lost $10 trillion.

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