Episode 198

There were many, though not enough, Schindler's list type heroes during the Holocaust, the biggest crime of the 20th century and perhaps the greatest in human history. Schindler has been immortalized by Steven Spielberg but many others remain largely unsung. The family of Conservative MP, Daniel Kawczynski, were themselves “Schindlers”, brave and true. They shielded many of Poland's Jewish community and helped them to escape from the slaughter of the death camps, and last month he received an award on their behalf from the Polish government. We invited him into the Sputnik studio so he could tell us more about their heroism.

Imagine being able to travel from London to Manchester in 15 minutes, Edinburgh in 30. Well soon there won’t be a need to imagine it as engineers are working on a fifth mode of transport. The rLoop will give us the ability to travel from city to city at over 700 miles an hour. So, we invited Ilyas Vali, an engineer working on the concept, aboard Sputnik to find out just when and where we will be able to buy our ticket to ride.

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