Episode 190

Locked and Loaded Donald Trump fired the first shots of his new era in Afghanistan rather than over the Korean Peninsula. By the time he got to Phoenix for his next rabble-rousing, Donald Trump had Kim Jong-un firmly back in his sights. The battle of the haircuts could all end with a burger, or we could all end up flame-grilled. Of course, Korea could be a cipher for China in all this sabre-rattling by the US - at least, that’s our theory. But why deal with theory when we can hear the facts, from Professor Stephen Chan OBE of the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

A definition of terrorism is hard to agree on: as the great intellectual Peter Ustinov put it, War is the Terrorism of the Rich; Terrorism is the War of the Poor. But he had not reckoned with today’s terrorism: a method of murder and mayhem which identifies the softest possible targets...and murders them. Russia also suffers terrorist attacks mainly emanating from the same Al-Qaeda/ISIS swamp which attacks people from Kuala Lumpur to Manchester with nobody left out in between. But Russia has actually defeated terrorism in the past, not something you could say for the Bush/Blair War on Terror, and a Kremlin Adviser at the time they did so was our guest this week, Alexander Nekrassov.

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