Episode 189

It is a moot point whether President Macron or President Trump will tumble into the 20 percent public approval range first. The ‘French Tony Blair’ hit the barn door of defeating Marine Le Pen easily enough after both the French Conservative Party AND the French Labour Party failed to make the final run-off. But it’s been 100 days since. He was the man who came from nowhere, who created a party out of nothing, rien. Is he the future, not just for France but for all of us? So, who better to help us find out this week than Dr. Russell Foster of King’s College London.

So, Donald Trump for the time being remains the President of the United States and his deep state enemies swarm around him. But, has he made a potentially fatal error over Charlottesville? It may have achieved a critical mass of disapproval, but does this internal crisis make the US less or more dangerous to the rest of the world? As the US begins to fall apart at the racial seams, we invited Dr. Tomasz Pierscionek, editor of the London Progressive Journal, into the Sputnik studio to discuss what next on the front line between Russia and the US.

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