Episode 165

In the French political bubble, all eyes are on the prize of the Elysee Palace; down on the streets the citizens are rioting! Race relations are worsening, poverty increasing, Islamophobia going through the roof… and last week, a young black man was raped with a police truncheon, sparking riots in Paris and Marseille. Our first guest this week is French, Muslim, and black – we invited academic and political commentator, Moustafa Traore into the Sputnik studio to hear about the growing tensions in France.

Sean Murray has made some of the best documentary films of recent years; his current project is a film about, among other things, one of the worst atrocities of the long Irish war – the massacre of the popular music group the Miami Showband in 1975. He’s also the organizer of the Respect Film Festival, which opens next week in Belfast. So we invited him aboard the Sputnik to tell us more.

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