Episode 163

Just a few weeks ago, it looked certain that the final round of the French presidential election would be a contest between the right and the even more right. But a few weeks is a long time in politics. Today, Fillon is looking like a dead political duck, sunk by the oldest of vices – greed. And then there is the rise of France’s Jeremy Corbyn – Benoit Hamon – the new and unexpected candidate of the formerly discredited Socialist Party. If he can set public opinion alight the way he has taken his party by storm, could the final round be between the left and the far-right? To discuss this fascinating French teaser, we invited Dr. Russell Foster of King’s College London into the studio.

And, he’s loud, opinionated, controversial, and absolutely unmissable. And Donald Trump is much the same. James Whale has been the master of the British radio airwaves for decades and there’s always a spirited discussion whenever he’s around. So this week, we invited him aboard Sputnik for some lively sparring about Donald Trump and more…

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