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7 Jan, 2017 12:40

Episode 159

Whitehall Knight Sir Ivan Rogers has resigned from an ambassadorship nobody knew he held, and the liberal elite and their media go all Dr. Pavlov. However, there is no doubt that, whatever your view on Brexit, Rogers has been a failure. If you’re a Remainer, you must accept that he failed to persuade the EU that Britain’s was serious about a possible exit. If you’re a Brexiter, you must accept that an ambassador who’s gone full Stockholm syndrome may not be the best man to negotiate the withdrawal. The resignation of the previously unknown British ambassador to the EU is being spun as a national disaster. So, to help us unravel the spin, we invited into the Sputnik studio Peter Oborne, journalist, author, and broadcaster, but, above all, a man of rare integrity on today’s Fleet St.

And New Year’s Day wasn’t even over when it became clear that, for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, 2017 wasn’t going to be much different than the year that just passed. However, the field of conflict has shifted from Parliament to the trade unions, as the Blairites seek to knock away Corbyn’s support there, and to the Fabians. Lenin said that George Bernard Shaw was “a good man fallen among Fabians.” Today’s Fabians seem committed to bringing about the fall of another good man, Jeremy Corbyn, with their carefully timed and, some say, rather self-serving prediction that Labour may be headed for a 1935-sized rump of just 150 MPs. Who better to review the year ahead for Labour and our mutual friend Jeremy Corbyn than the man who was twice Mayor of London, a former Labour MP, and leading member of the party’s NEC until being kicked out of the Labour, Ken Livingstone.

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