Episode 151

Everybody always knew that newspapers held a torch for the views of their proprietors, and that was tolerable as long as those views were at least vaguely tolerable. In recent years, however, as the proprietors, almost all foreign and tax-avoiders to boot, grew uglier and their views more repugnant, less people bought them, and fewer of those who did believed a word that was written in them. Alan Davies had been a professional photographer and never worked in print media before. But following a chance meeting in a pub in Rochdale earlier this year, he felt the need to start his own paper and preach the Word. So, we invited him on to Sputnik to speak about the latest print arrival which has burst on the scene with a vengeance.

And, we ask what’s next for the purged, the expelled, the damned in today’s scarcely functional Labour Party. Literally thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, were suspended (mainly), and in some cases expelled, by the anti-Corbyn Labour National Executive Committee. Many are being “welcomed” back by the same people who suspended them, now that the voting is over and Corbyn has been re-elected. One of those suspended and now welcomed back is Charley Allan, columnist on the Morning Star, and we welcomed him to the show this week.

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