Episode 146

The world economy sometimes seems to be hurtling towards yet another crash (at least of credibility), as currencies oscillate, growth goes into reverse, trade deals stall, and financial institutions go bankrupt. In Britain, add the shambolic lurch towards Brexit into the mix and no wonder the markets are all over the place. One of Britain’s most brilliant economists, Lord Meghnad Desai of the London School of Economics and the House of Lords, might be best placed to explain where we are, and where we are headed, and it is an honor that this week he hops aboard the Sputnik.

Professor Guy Standing of the Development Studies department of the School of Oriental and African Studies is a co-founder of BIEN which means good in French or Basic Income Earth Network, or maybe both. He campaigns as it says on the tin for everyone to have a basic income regardless of circumstances. I’ve never quite grasped what that means, so I, as well as you, might well learn something from Professor Standing, a pioneer of basic income who joins Sputnik this week.

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