Episode 145

The war on drugs has always seemed like a phony war. Instead of defending our borders against an invasion of drug dealing body snatchers, our security forces are usually too busy invading other people’s countries. Far from beefing up the border control and coast guard, successive governments have been reducing their staffs. Some people’s response to the clearly failing war on drugs has been to run up the white flag and give up. Others, like Neil Woods, advocate for a more radical change of strategy. He came into the studio to explain why.

Fifteen years ago, a small group of people knew that 9/11 was the harbinger of great storms to come and formed the ‘Stop the War’ Coalition, the largest mass movement in British history. Their chairman, Andrew Murray, was also one of the leaders of Britain’s largest union, ‘Unite,’ and he has been the chairman almost ever since, except during a brief interregnum when the chairmanship passed to Jeremy Corbyn before he had to hand it back after being elected leader of the Labour Party. So, a decade and half on, we talk to Andrew Murray, founding chairman of the ‘Stop the War’ Coalition and a leading British trade unionist.

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