Episode 142

It would be true to say that the working class has changed but false to say it has disappeared. Automation, atomization, insecurity have been used by some to deny the very existence of class in the modern world, and that class-based politics belongs in the end of history
This is one of many themes playing out in the epic battle to overthrow Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader.

Professor Selina Todd, fellow and vice-principal of St Hilda's College Oxford University, and author of ‘Young Women Work’ and ‘Family in England and The People: the Rise and Fall of the Working Class 1910-2010,’ joins Sputnik this week to give her take on just what being working class means today.
And is British democracy the best that money can buy?

The rise and rise of lobbyists and the increasing supremacy of money in politics has killed democracy in the United States, as we can see in real-time right now. Less noticed is that the same thing is happening in Britain. One man who has noticed is Martin Williams, author of ‘Parliament Ltd,’ who came to the studio to tell us how much of the lobbying is going under the media radar.

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