Episode 141

This week in 1940 London was burning as it would for 58 consecutive nights.  And by the end of the German blitz huge parts of Britain's industrial heartland had been devastated and as many as 200,000 British people, overwhelmingly civilians were dead or wounded. When Mr. Churchill told his cabinet, many shifting uneasily in their chairs, that not until he and they lay there on the cabinet room floor choking on their own blood would they succumb he really meant it. Lord Alan Watson CBE has specialized in this endlessly fascinating subject so it seemed apt to invite him into the Sputnik studio this week.


And in part two we look at the pickle Ireland’s right-wing government is in over Apple. Sweetheart tax arrangements made with the giant multinational Apple corporation have been ruled by the EU to be illegal and they have ordered the sovereign government in Dublin to recover a staggering €13 billion from the corporation. It is just one of the Irish minority governments many crises and may yet bring it down.  Michael Carty is General Secretary of the Connelly Association so we asked him to join Sputnik to take a look at the deal, sovereignty, EU and just what Brexit means for Ireland as a whole. 

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