Episode 136

It is becoming clearer and clearer on a daily basis that regardless of who gets voted in as the next US president, the world will become an even more dangerous place. Trump comes out with ever-more shocking rhetoric. Clinton launches the heavier stuff, ballistic missiles mainly. Her open threat of war on Syria means war on Russia, and so must be accompanied by a barrage of war propaganda against the Big Bear. So to review where America stands, or maybe falls, we invited Dr Tom Adam Davies, a lecturer of American History at Sussex University.

And slavery – Britain grew rich from it. Not content with invading other people's countries and stealing their things, we started to steal the people themselves – millions of them. Slaves were traded by most European countries, but the Netherlands and Britain were amongst the worst offenders and neither country has made amends. To discuss the campaign for compensation we invited Juliet Lopez, from the Emancipation Day Reparations March, into the Sputnik studio.

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