Episode 124

Saudi Arabia is the British state's best friend and a very good customer. But all is not well. Most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis and the US congress is closing in on Saudi assets for what would be the biggest compensation deal in history. The collapse in oil prices driven by the Saudis has created crises for the Saudis themselves. And, the regime is cutting off people's heads like there is no tomorrow. Making sense of it for the Sputnik is master analyst and writer David Hearst editor of Middle East Eye.

And, it was embarrassing enough when David Cameron was caught on tape describing Afghanistan and Nigeria as "fantastically corrupt" even if it were true. But it was not the whole truth: the Afghan regime was put into power by us. Billions in corruptly obtained looted Nigerian wealth is sheltering in London. Hoever, even more embarrassing was the Queen herself, captured on tape being to the Chinese, the most populous, most powerful economy in the world. So we invited China and Africa expert Keith Bennet to help us assess the impact.

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