Episode 117

Political and media plates shifted again this week as another act of terrorist mass murder exploded in Europe. More than 30 people were murdered and hundreds were maimed. ISIS claimed responsibility. And, primary responsibility is of course theirs, but who else is responsible for the apparently unstoppable rise of this fanatic extremism. And what should be done about it? To help us make sense of where we’re at is intelligence and security expert Charles Shoebridge.

And, sights we never expected to see: the President of the United States of America standing with the Cuban Leader Raul Castro in Revolution Square with the image of Che Guevara looking down on them. Although undoubtedly historic, what will it mean for the US, for US-Cuban relations, and probably of even greater importance what will it mean for Cuba itself? We ask a long-standing advocate of friendship with Cuba, Rob Miller, Director of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

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