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Episode 115

The Turkish State is in a full-scale war against its Kurdish population as well as non-Kurdish opponents of the president. He’s at war with Syria, the Syrian Kurds and, it seems, he’s also intent on dragging us into a war with Syria’s Russian and Iranian allies too. It’s all a far cry from the early years and the policy of no quarrels with the neighbours, a peace process with the Kurds and ‘moderate Islamism’ which knew the way to growth. So, to help us make sense of what’s going on today we invited Memed Aksoy Director, activist and editor of Kurdish Question into the Sputnik studio.

And, as anyone active on social media knows, the vile and the venal all have twitter accounts. But what happens when you’re targeted systematically by not just the lonely man in his vest in an attic, but by darker forces with resources behind them. Neil Clark, author and political commentator is one of those regularly targeted, and he joins Sputnik this week to take a closer look at the social media operations at work.

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