Episode 103

Shaker Aamer, an innocent man, spent 14 years without charge in illegal detention and endured around 200 sessions of “enhanced interrogation,” much of it qualifying as torture. He would still be in Guantanamo Bay if it had not been for the help of principled politicians, both Tory and Labour, and the magnificent campaign spearheaded by Joanne MacInnes and Andy Worthington. They return to Sputnik this week to give us an update.

And in Part Two, we take a look at the US presidential race. He may or may not be a dumb blond, but he’s definitely a rum blond: Donald Trump has left no barrel unscraped, no low blow unstruck in his elephantine rampage for the Republican nomination. Is he going to make it - and who might stop him? Who better to ask than Republican political analyst, broadcaster and American abroad: Charlie Wolf.

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