Episode 082

It's not every day a former president of Bolivia is in London, let alone on Sputnik. However, current President Evo Morales has asked his Excellency Carlos Mesa to hit the road and build international public opinion to support Bolivia's case in their ongoing dispute with Chile. The Chilean government until recently was involved in a similar dispute with Argentina. So it's a pleasure to welcome His Excellency Carlos Mesa on board Sputnik to listen to the issues Evo Morales wants to raise.
As Pope Francis finishes his latest South American homecoming tour and prepares for his first visit to Cuba, we speak with his representative here in London, Father Zampino to talk about a superstar Pope who is "one of us." He is a pontiff eschewing everything from red slippers to luxury living as well as conservative orthodoxies, and he is clearly sprinkling holy water between himself and the corporate despoilers.

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