Episode 081

The historic Eid agreement was signed this week by the P5+1 group and Iran. The worst reactionary backwoodsmen in the US congress are up in arms about it; (privately) the feudal dictatorship of Saudi Arabia is furious and Mr Netanyahu is mad as a hatter. But that doesn't mean the deal is good in itself. Neither does it mean the consequences will be without regional ramifications. So we invited Mohammed Kamaali of CASMII onto Sputnik this week to discuss this momentous event.

In part two, we look at a tale of two "traitors" and their very different punishments; David Petraeus was chief of the US armed forces, Chelsea Manning a humble foot soldier; Petraeus was an immoral cheating liar, Manning an honest teller of uncomfortable truths. It will be 35 years before Manning sees daylight again; Petraeus has never spent a day behind bars. But Chelsea Manning along with her Wikileaks comrade Julian Assange will be judged by history as the most heroic of whistleblowers. Oliver Shykles hopes to raise awareness of this injustice and joins Sputnik this week, to tell us all about the campaign.

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