Episode 078

Henry 'Scoop' Jackson was a cold war hawk veteran of the US congress, always pushing for more weapons, more war and for a long time harboured a raft of anti-Semitic views, yet when the British neocons were casting around for a peg to hang their top hats on, they oddly fastened upon the obscure and largely forgotten Jackson. A group of British academics together with the Cordoba Foundation have recently published chapter and verse about these “go to” guys for a witch-hunt. This week the CEO of the Cordoba Foundation, Anas Altikriti joins Sputnik.

And as the British print and even mainstream television media market continues to shrink, so does any nascent ambition they might have had to expose the rich and the powerful. That's left to the likes of WikiLeaks and Mark Watts of Exaro News. He’s one of the growing number of investigative journalists filling the space where honest journalism used to be and he came into the Sputnik studio hotfoot from Fleet Street.

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