Episode 076

The British arms trade is booming especially where there's war, or the possibility of it. We start them, incite them then fuel them. And when the human tide washes up on our shores, we cry "Johnny Foreigner" cranking up the xenophobia, which in turn leads to more demand for more wars, more weapons and off we go again. Andrew Smith from The Campaign Against Arms Trade joins Sputnik this week to shed light on how closely linked British foreign policy is to the arms trade and just how profitable the British arms business really is.

And if the arms trade is bad for your health, wait until you hear about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The TTIP negotiations between the EU and the US are almost wholly conducted in secret. But its consequences are far more profound than the recent general election where at least everything was out on the table. Samuel Lowe comes into the studio to tell us how the TTIP would vastly extend the scale of privatization in health, education, water services and many other areas, including special corporate courts with the power to override national parliaments and take us further down the road to an Orwellian future of corporate slavery.

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