Episode 074

It isn't every day that we have the privilege of a president on the show. And this is no ordinary president, but the president of a land whose people have been ethnically cleansed from their territory to make way for a US war-base, and on which the torture of kidnapped people from around the world appears to have taken place. It is of course, Diego Garcia part of the Chagos islands. This week we welcome into the Sputnik Studio the man chosen by the Chagossians to represent them on the world stage - President Allen Vincatassin

And, as the so-called Islamic State approaches the first anniversary of the declaration of their Caliphate, celebrated in advance with the conquering of Ramadi just 60 miles from Baghdad and in their control of Palmyra in Syria home of one of the world's greatest archaeological treasures, they are beginning to look unstoppable in both countries. Not to mention, a growing menace elsewhere too! But, the growing question is: does the West actually want to stop them. And if not, why not? Joining Sputnik this week to discuss the threat is the brightest Arab woman analyst of them all, Hafsa Kara Mustapha.