Episode 071

A sensational new book, “Blair Inc: the Man behind the Mask” tours the horizons of Britain's most controversial prime minister. From the takeover of the Labour Party, the invasions and the occupations to the Everest of money still piling up. Francis Beckett, co-author of Blair Inc, a Labour man and one of the country's leading Blair-ologists, joins Sputnik to tell us about the private dealings of Tony Blair since leaving office in 2007.

And 50 years ago in the Audubon ballroom in New York the greatest black leader in America, Malcolm X, was gunned down in mysterious circumstances. It was a decade which saw the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King, President John F Kennedy and the equally mysterious assassination of presidential candidate Robert Kennedy. Four dead leaders in five turbulent years. To mark the 50th anniversary of Malcolm X's murder, Sukran Chandan has organized the first Malcolm X festival, and he joins Sputnik this week to tell us all about it.

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