Episode 067

HSBC is in big trouble. It wasn’t an attraction to cheese which drew it to Geneva, but rather the opportunity to either evade or avoid tax. Joining Sputnik this week to survey the mountain of troubles surrounding this is an alternative economist of great distinction Professor Steve Keen, author of Debunking Economics. The, in 1965, Indonesia's President Sukarno was overthrown in a US-organized coup and the military seized power, appointed the dictator Suharto, who massacred millions of Sukarno supporters. ‘The Act of Killing’, a film by Joshua Oppenheimer, has won awards all over the world and represents the only international recognition of the crimes against humanity carried out in those days. It's now 50 years since the killing fields in Indonesia where millions were murdered, but it's a world history still to be recovered. Dr. Soe Tjen Marching joins Sputnik to help us.

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