Episode 065

With the flurry of diplomacy snowing down on the Ukraine and a shaky ceasefire deal set to start at 10pm on Sunday, we invite Alexander Nekrassov aboard Sputnik. As the gears crash upward toward what could end up as a full-scale European war – maybe more – we discuss the future of the region and the political settlement brokered by Russia, Germany and France.

And Robert Wyatt, a music legend and a vindication of John Lennon's observation that a working-class hero is something to be. With Soft Machine, as a solo artist and as a collaborator with the likes of Elvis Costello, he transformed the British music scene; but just as important, he has clung all his life to the need of a still greater transformation: that of society as a whole. He has had his shoulder to the wheel in many great British struggles, not the least of them the miners’ strike 30 years ago. He came into the Sputnik studio to talk about politics, music and much more.

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