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24 Jan, 2015 08:56

Episode 062

The bodies have been buried, the shooting, for now at least, has stopped, but the reverberations of the killings in Paris are far from over. There have been more than a 100 attacks on Muslims and their properties in France. Mayhem followed in Belgium and in the UK the head of the British security service said a similar disaster was "almost inevitable." Are we locked in an intractable conflict? Joining Sputnik this week to help us reflect on this question is one of the world's leading Muslim analysts and its most eloquent spokesman, the head of the Cordoba Foundation, Anas Altakriti.

And in part two Danny Morrison comes into the Sputnik studio. He is an iconic figure in the long struggle for Irish unity and independence from Britain. He spent years behind bars as a political prisoner, an experience which became a gateway to his current role as a renaissance man. Morrison has been an internee, a convicted convict, the founder of a world class festival, written poetry, political tracts, newspapers and the much improved edition of his novel "West Belfast" set to be relaunched this month.

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