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Episode 054

Shaker Aamer is the last British hostage held by our "closest ally" in the cells of Guantanamo, even though the British government has demanded his release and consecutive US governments have conceded that he has no case to answer. President Barack Obama ran for office with a pledge to shut down Guantanamo Bay, the United States' own Gulag in an occupied corner of Cuba, but six years on it is still there and being expanded at great public expense. And, 12 years and nine months later, Shaker Aamer is still incarcerated. This week, Joanne Maclnnes and Andy Worthington join Sputnik to tell us about the fight for Shaker Aamer to come home.

And last week on Universal Children's Day, Tony Blair was given a "global Legacy award" by the Save the Children charity. Yes, you heard that right... The award may well ruin the once admired Save the Children Fund; their staff around the world are in open revolt: a hundred thousand people, and rising, have signed the petition demanding the award be rescinded. Many are now calling for Justin Forsyth, the charity's Chief Executive and coincidentally former advisor to Tony Blair, to be sacked. Keeping up with the crimes and misdemeanors of Tony Blair is proving to be a never-ending task. So trying to draw a line under any project documenting them is nigh on impossible. James Randolph, associate producer of the film The Killing of Tony Blair comes into the studio this week to talk about the former British PM, who, for his critics, has become a gift which keeps on giving.

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