Episode 050

This week in 1938, the International Brigade staged their final parade down the Ramblas wet with the tears of the Spanish people they had helped to defend. "You can go proudly. You are history. You are legend" said La Passionaria, the iconic leader Dolores Ibarruri. Franco launched a military coup almost immediately, supported by Hitler and Mussolini. Jim Jump of the International Brigade’s Memorial Trust joins us to discuss this and how WWII might just have been averted had the West allied with Russia who stood by Spain.

In part two, we have Marcel Cartier in the Sputnik studio.Rap is the language of the streets all over the world, but seldom has the political power deployed by this New York Artist. You won't find women denigrated, casual homophobia, or the glorification of petty but deadly violence in his lyrics.

Marcel Cartier is a political rapper with a world view on issues like Syria, Palestine and even divided Korea.Join us to hear what he had to say.

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