Episode 049

Thirty years ago this month, Patrick Magee came within an inch of assassinating Margaret Thatcher in the Brighton bombing. Later, John Major and his cabinet would come under attack as IRA mortars rained down on 10 Downing Street. Author Joshua Levine has written widely on British conflicts, so we invited him aboard Sputnik to discuss the defining moments in the long war with Ireland and when Britain finally decided there was no military solution to the conflict. We talk with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ewen MacAskill, immortalized in the Laura Poitras' film ‘Citizenfour’. One quiet day in the office in New York, his editor told him to fly to Hong Kong to de-brief an alleged defector from the US security services who might have an interesting tale to tell. That man was Edward Snowden. The rest, as they, say is history.

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