Episode 044

In Paris this week a summit met to discuss the threat of the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS. Confusion reigns in Western capitals over what to do about the catastrophe unfolding in Syria and Iraq, but the two countries actually doing something meaningful about the threat were not invited to the get together. Confused? You won’t be after you've heard Haseeb Rizvo, expert commentator on the region.

And confusion appears to reign over how the Foreign Enlistment Act is enforced. We ask how some British citizens, in defiance of this British law, seem able to fly in and out of the UK to join foreign forces, without let or hindrance, whilst others are lucky to escape police detention if their passports show they’ve been anywhere near Syria or even just a beach in Turkey! London barrister Toby Cadman of the prestigious 9 Bedford Row Chambers joins Sputnik to help us unravel this confusing anomaly.

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