Episode 038

The linguistics of conflict narratives has always been a fascinating subject, and it's no less relevant in today's conflicts. The political classes and the media employ a kind of Orwellian "doublespeak" when reporting on conflicts, describing the actors interchangeably as a "legitimate government" or "rebels," depending on the spin they want to create. Joining us to discuss this is Mamoon Alabassi, a linguistics expert and also a respected analyst and writer on many of today's battlegrounds.

In the second half, we're joined by His Excellency the Ambassador of Venezuela. This week would have marked Comandante Hugo Chávez's 60th birthday; instead we continue to mourn his loss keenly. Chávez won more elections and referenda in fewer years than any political leader in history. But that didn't stop US politicians and media routinely referring to him as a "dictator." His successor President Nicolás Maduro has been carrying on the traditions of Chávez and winning elections. His Excellency joins us to give his perspective.

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