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​Episode 030

There was no Al-Qaeda in Iraq before George Bush and Tony Blair sent hundreds of thousands of Western soldiers illegally to invade and occupy it. There is now. Thousands of them. ISIS - the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria - actually expelled by the Al-Qaeda Chief Ayman Al-Zawahari for being "too sectarian.... too extreme" - are sweeping away all before them. Iraq's Prime Minister seems certain to fall, the Iraqi state is in real danger of collapse. Joining Sputnik this week to discuss what's happening in the land where he was born is Sabah Al-Mukhtar of the Arab Lawyers Network in Britain.

A wave of McCarthyism is sweeping through Britain, sparking a witch-hunt against Britain's 2 million Muslims. We are being invited to believe that schools - mainly in Birmingham, but spreading first to Bradford, then East London - which have transformed themselves from sink schools to the top of the league are victims of a ‘Trojan Horse’ Taliban-type offensive. But this outbreak of McCarthyism, doesn't come from the far right or paramilitary thugs, but from the State and its mass media Pavlov dogs. Britain's Muslims today are viewing with mounting fear and alarm as one by one high achieving co-religionists are being dragged out, pilloried and sacked. This week we ask is this a Trojan horse or Trojan Hoax?

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