Episode 001

Every week George Galloway MP and Gayatri bring you news from elsewhere... from a different perspective… from a different view…

This week, in the aftermath of Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations and, in the wake of the British secret service appearance before the parliamentary select committee, the show takes a look at the spying game. Phillip Knightly, legendary British spy writer, formerly of the Sunday Times and best-selling author, compares spying of yesteryear to the secret intelligence of today. Has 1984 finally arrived?

And, as the British Government announces a “war chest” of over £300 million to commemorate next year’s centenary of World War One, the second half of the show discusses the glorification of war with the Evening Standard’s Senior Defense correspondent, Robert Fox MBE. Is Britain out of step with the public and the rest of Europe in the way it intends to "celebrate" the centenary of a war where “lions were led by donkeys”?