RT America - June 14, 2018

DOJ report: Comey ‘insubordinate’, not politically motivated in Clinton probe
The highly anticipated Department of Justice Inspector General office report. The roughly 500 page report focuses on former FBI Director James Comey and the decisions he made during the Clinton email investigation. RT America’s ashlee banks has the report.

Yemen: Saudi coalition launches attack on Houthi port

A US-backed coalition led by Saudi Arabia has launched an offensive to take the port of Hodeida in Yemen. The Houthi rebels have responded by firing a ballistic missile at a Saudi airbase. Meanwhile, aid has difficulty reaching the war-torn country, with millions threatened by starvation and disease. RT’s Yulia Shapovalova reports.

Iran not to blame for Yemen war, says policy director  
Saudi air defenses have intercepted a ballistic missile, fired from rebel-held territory in neighboring Yemen. No casualties were reported. The Iran-backed Houthi rebels claimed that the missile hit a Saudi air base. Yemeni pro-government forces are locked in heavy fighting with rebels, as they engage in a Saudi and UAE-backed offensive to retake the port city and key aid hub of Hodeida. RT America’s Manila Chan is joined by Robert Naiman, policy director, policy director at just foreign policy.