RT America - May 30, 2018

‘John Bolton wants to sabotage the US-N. Korea Summit’ - analyst

Top North Korean officials arrived in New York on Wednesday for a high level meeting with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Meanwhile, CIA report says that there is no reason to believe North Korea intends to denuclearize and there is no guarantee the summit will work. For more on this, the national director of Answer Coalition Brian Becker joins RT America’s Ed Schultz.

Big Pharma Wins Again: DOJ approves Monsanto-Bayer Deal
Bayer has won approval for its plan to purchase agriculture giant Monsanto. The company agreed to sell off close to $9 billion in assets to make way for the $62.5 billion merger. Bayer’s sell-off of assets will be the largest divestiture ever in the United States. Shares in Bayer have jumped close to three percent following the announcement. Host of America's Lawyer Mike Papantonio joins Ed Schultz to discuss.

Back from the dead? Reported dead journalist is Alive

A Russian journalist and Kremlin critic said to have been killed in his apartment Tuesday, is alive. It was initially reported that Arkady Babchenko was killed outside his apartment in Ukrainian capital Kiev. RT’s Hanisha Sethi has the story.