RT America - May 25, 2018

America trying to isolate Venezuela economically says organizer

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro took an oath promising to carry out his duties during a ceremony in the country’s national constituent assembly headquarters on Thursday. Monday the United States imposed harsh sanctions on Venezuela, targeting entities which buy and sell the nation’s debt. In response, Venezuela expelled the top us diplomat in the country, with Maduro declaring quote “the empire doesn’t dominate us here”. To analyze the dynamic between the two countries, RT America’s Anya Parampil is joined by Walter Smolarek organizer with The Answer Coalition.

Echoes of slavery: ICE tearing families apart

The Trump administrations new aggressive deportation have been criticized drawing comparison to the way slave traders broken families during the transatlantic slave trade.  RT America’s Ashlee Banks takes a deeper look in this week’s Race in America segment reports.

Targeted by Race: Jack Johnson’s story 100 years later

Convicted in 1913, pardoned in 2018; legendary boxer Jack Johnson’s story is one of being targeted at the height of the Jim Crow ear and being vindicated long after his death. The first African-American boxing heavyweight champion, Johnson was the focus of the Mann Act, a law created by congress specifically to take him down.  RT America’s Steve Christakos has the story.