RT America - May 22, 2018

The Trump-Kim summit ‘may not work out’

US president Donald Trump announced his June 12 summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un may be delayed after “change of attitude” from Pyongyang. Democratic strategist Robin Biro and conservative commentator Steve Malzberg join RT America’s Ed Schultz to discuss the development.

A ‘Punch to the Mouth’? Iran relations in the Trump era

A new war of words is brewing between the US and Iran as new sanctions have already being issued. A senior Iranian military official said Iran’s people should deliver a ‘punch in the mouth’ to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Pompeo. This comes a day after Pompeo said the US would ‘crush’ Iran if necessary. RT America’s Manila Chan is following the story. 

US ‘wants regime change’ in Syria and Iran - activist

Iran has condemned the ultimatum issued by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, while the US unveiled fresh sanctions against five Iranians. Jon Rainwater of the Peace Action Education Fund tells RT America’s Ed Schultz where the showdown might lead.