RT America - February 2, 2018

‘Top officials in FBI & DOJ committed felonies’ – CIA whistleblower
President Trump has declassified the much-anticipated Nunes memo, which reveals that Christopher Steele’s ties to the Clinton campaign, as well as the political bias of several members of the FBI and Justice Department involved in the investigation, were not properly disclosed to the FISA court. CIA whistleblower Ray McGovern analyzes joins RT America’s Anya Parampil to comment.

Investigative journalist Robert Parry ‘stood his ground’ against adversity in media
Legendary investigative reporter Robert Parry tragically passed away nearly one week ago. Parry was best known for breaking stories exposing the Iran-Contra affair. To reflect on Parry’s life and legacy, investigative journalist Gareth Porter joins RT America’s Anya Parampil.

Corruption in Baltimore: ‘Evident that reforms are not working’ – former police officer
Baltimore is back in the spotlight as eight police officers face federal trials over allegations of misconduct. The officers from Baltimore’s elite Gun Trace Task Force have been accused of theft, raiding homes without warrants, and selling confiscated drugs, among other crimes. Retired DC metro police officer Ronald Hampton joins RT America’s Ashlee Banks to continue this conversation.