News with Ed -- January 29, 2018

DEBATE: Will the border wall ‘make America white again?’

President Trump will deliver his first State of the Union speech on Tuesday. While Democrats and Republicans have not yet come to an agreement on immigration, the White House is ready to negotiate on DACA for a wall with Mexico. RT America’s Ed Schultz is joined by our political panel: former Georgia state representative LaDawn Jones and Ted Harvey from the Committee to Protect the President.

Rare supermoon, blue moon & lunar eclipse to surface Wednesday

Science experts say this Wednesday’s lunar phenomenon of a blue moon, supermoon, blood moon and total lunar eclipse hasn’t been viewed for 150 years, making it a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. RT America’s David Miller has the details.

Clinton crashes Grammys to read ‘Fire and Fury’

Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance during Sunday night's Grammy Awards. In a pre-recorded skit, Clinton read from the controversial book “Fire and Fury” about President Donald Trump's first year in office. For more on the crossover between politics and the awards, RT America’s Ed Schultz is joined by Lionel of Lionel Media.