RT America -- January 12, 2018

Racial disparities in maternal mortality
African-American women have a higher chance of dying during or shortly after pregnancy than do women in developing parts of central Europe or eastern Asia. Elizabeth Dawes Gay, steering committee chair for Black Mamas Alliance, joins RT America’s Ashlee Banks to discuss how the US can address systemic bias in health care in this week’s “Race in America.”

Butterfly fossils baffle researchers
Paleontologists have discovered new species of prehistoric moths and butterflies with groundbreaking scientific implications. The fossils date to around 70 million years before the emergence of flowers -- so what were these ancient butterflies pollinating? RT America’s David Miller reports.

McMaster gunning for ‘bloody nose strike’ in Korea
National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster is reportedly conducting a whisper campaign against North Korea, promoting the idea of preventive war to forcibly denuclearizing the regime. RT America’s Dan Cohen reports on how this latest episode is to be expected from one whose career is rife with neocon bluster, exaggeration and failure.