News with Ed -- January 11, 2018

Trump’s ‘s***hole’ comment is intolerable ‘bigotry’ – civil rights attorney
President Trump’s team is carrying out damage control tonight after he referred to El Salvador, Haiti and some African countries as “s***hole” countries during immigration talks. For more, RT America’s Ed Schultz is joined by civil rights attorney Robert Patillo and conservative commentator Steve Malzberg.

Questions surround UN-backed police’s involvement in Haiti massacre
An anti-gang operation in Haiti’s capital has ended in the massacre of innocent civilians. RT America's Dan Cohen has more.

US House recommends military build-up, NATO expansion
A report detailing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “assault on democracy in Russia and Europe” was released this week by the House Intelligence Committee. The document was commissioned by Democratic Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland. RT correspondent Anya Parampil brings us the details.