RT America -- January 5, 2018

Baltimore schools close due to lack of heat
The brutal weather hitting much of the US disproportionately affects the nation’s poor. This week in Baltimore, Maryland, students have had to wear coats, gloves and scarves just to get through the day. The Baltimore Teachers Union is urging the city to close all schools until the heating problem is resolved. RT America’s Ashlee Banks discusses Jessica Shiller, associate professor of education at Towson University, in this week’s “Race in America.”

Violent riots in Iran coordinated from outside ‒ professor
Although Iranians appear to be protesting their country’s dire economic situation, US politicians have seized the moment to call for all-out regime change in Iran. President Donald Trump tweeted out many messages in support of the demonstrations, including one promising US support. RT America’s Anya Parampil spoke with Seyed Mohammad Marandi, a University of Tehran professor.

How can New Yorkers protect themselves from a nuclear attack?
As the situation with North Korea intensifies, many have been reminded of the nuclear drills and fallout shelters from the Cold War. While thousands of such bunkers still remain in New York City, many question if they’re still usable. RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports.