RT America -- January 2, 2018

State Dept ‘recycling press releases’ in push for regime change in Iran – analyst

US interventionism in the middle east only strengthens Iran, but they continue relentless to work with Saudi Arabia and Israel to destabilize the region to try to limit Iranian influence, according to Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute tells RT America’s Manila Chan. He expects President Donald Trump to use the ongoing violent protests as a pretext for regime-change in Tehran.

DEBATE: Donald Trump’s worst nightmare

Trump began the New Year by lashing out at the Justice Department and Clinton aide Huma Aberdeen over Twitter. Does the Trump investigation still have a problem with Democrat bias? And what impact might Mitt Romney’s possible election to Congress have on the Trump administration? Conservative commentator Mitch Malzberg and Democratic superdelegate Mitch Ceasar joins RT America’s Manila Chan to discuss.