RT America -- November 10, 2017

Missile that killed Saudi prince over Yemen looks ‘indigenously made’ – fmr Pentagon official

Saudi Arabia is blaming Iran for a ballistic missile launch from Yemen that killed Saudi Prince Mansour bin Muqrin this week. Michael Maloof, a former Pentagon official, tells RT America that the missile capability of Houthis in Yemen is “quite significant” and that this wouldn’t be the first time they’ve fired such a missile. He also summarizes the politics behind Saudi Arabia’s “very aggressive behavior” toward Iran, with the backing of the US, Israel and other Arab countries.

Facebook wants your nudes

Facebook is teaming up with four countries to test a system to detect and defend against “revenge porn” – by asking users to upload nude photos of themselves to Messenger. The pilot scheme claims that it will allow anyone to report sensitive images being shared online without their permission, but it involves uploading the very picture you want to keep private, RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports.