RT America -- April 21, 2017

Axis of Evil: US cycle of regime change in North Korea, Libya & beyond

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke harshly of North Korea and Iran this week, drawing on a dark legacy of US vilification of so-called “backlash states” that resist the pressure to give in to global free markets and US cultural hegemony. RT America’s Anya Parampil has the details. Then Alexey Yaroshevsky describes the fate of Libya, where US intervention led to a wrecked and desperate society in which hundreds of refugees are being sold at slave markets.

US 'knows what happened' in Syrian gas attack, won't admit it - fmr CIA officer

Despite the adamant rhetoric coming from the US government and the mainstream media, there's a lot unknown about the chemical attack on Syrian civilians in Khan Sheikhoun. Many believe the Syrian government to be responsible, but a number of independent observers have come forward with possible evidence the chemicals came from rebels. Former CIA agent Philip Geraldi joins RT America’s Manila Chan to talk about the evidence.