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RT America -- March 21, 2017

DEBATE: Can Trump get GOP in line behind healthcare reforms?

Time is running out for Republicans on the healthcare debate. Despite changes made to the House bill overnight, they still don’t have the votes. The White House has made it clear to congressional Republicans that if they don’t deliver on his healthcare reforms, they will incur the wrath of voters at tremendous political cost. Ian Walters of the American Conservative Union and Civil rights attorney Misty Marris join “News with Ed” to discuss the changes to the bill and President Trump’s struggle with Congress.  

 New evidence in Snowden saga frustrates detractors

After his revelatory disclosures four years ago, it was believed that former NSA contractor Edward Snowden went into hiding for 11 days in Hong Kong. Conspiracy-theorists imagined 11 days of intrigue and mischief, but new evidence dispels these notions and gives an account of his whereabouts during that time. RT correspondent Alexey Yaroshevsky has the story.